Successful recruiting is not a nine-to-five job.

We work day and night, seven days a week at GMA. Itís the nature of our business Ė the best candidates rarely have time to talk or meet during business hours. Client issues donít go away when the five-oíclock whistle blows. Problems donít wait until 9 a.m. to come up.

We have thrived as a boutique in a big-recruiter world by being more available to our clients and candidates than other firms. By working face to face more. By keeping tighter control of the entire process Ė we do all our own research, conduct exhaustive interviews and donít leave closing the deal to clients, for instance.

One other important point. We are not publicly held. We are under no pressure to drive volume. We run our business as a practice, not as a corporation. A corporation serves stockholders. A practice serves clients, which keeps the priority on quality over quantity.

We would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about GMA and explore how we can help you. Contact us today. Or tonight, if thatís better.